Wednesday, December 26, 2007

These are pictures of a local production of the musical victor/Victoria.

I could only take a few pics, because i was acting as the lighting tech for the play...the ones i was able to take in between cues however did not turn out half bad...IMHO at least.


M-Agine Photography

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My first published picture

The subject of todays post is my fiirst published photo, Although it happened nearly a month ago this is the first chance i've had in a long time to update my blog...but i hope to update more regularly from now on.

Anyhow on 7/7/7 Concerts were staged across the globe to promote environmental awareness, one took place in my town and, of course i was there with my camera.

What i didn't realize is that none of the local photojournalists were there so, i was able to get the photo spot for the next days paper article.

The photo is of bassist Adam Taylor of the Reggae group Iration (The headliner band for the concert)

The technical information is: (Pentax K-10D with DA 50-200 at 105 mm (1/90, f-4.5) Converted from RAW in Adobe Lightroom)

Please Note: All Photos Published On This Blog...(unless otherwise noted)...Are Copyrighted By Me!!! Please Do Not Use Them In Any Way Without My Expressed Permission To You Directly! Thank You.

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